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Candlestick charts: CandleScanner color theme

Almost all of the western literature devoted to candlesticks has simplified the analysis by limiting the candle colors to dark (black) and light (white) body. According to Seiki Shimizu, the colors of candles were originally much more complex, which he demonstrated in the example...
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Long and short lines

When we are searching for candlestick patterns on the chart, very often, we need to decide if a particular candle is long or short to consider patterns correctly as valid ones or not. It seems to be easy, but, in fact, what one person...

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Candlestick construction

The construction of the single candlestick, known also as the candle line, is based on the basic data in a single time interval and consists of the following (OHLC) components:

  • opening price (Open)
  • maximum price (High)
  • minimum price (Low)
  • closing price (Close)

The time interval can be...

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