Kicking Down (Bearish Kicking)

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Figure 1. Kicking Down pattern.

Figure 1. Kicking Down pattern.

Japanese name: keri ashi
Forecast: bearish continuation/reversal
Trend prior to the pattern: N/A
Opposite pattern: Kicking Up (Bullish Kicking)


This article is devoted to the Kicking Down two-line pattern.

The Kicking Down pattern (also called the Bearish Kicking) is composed of two marubozu candles appearing as long lines. The first candle of the pattern is a White Marubozu; the second line is a BlackMarubozu.

The opening of the second line is lower than the previous opening, what forms a price gap.

Depending on the trend in which the pattern appears, it may predict its continuation or reversal (see The Kicking Up article). The subsequent candle determines the price direction.

The pattern is extremely rare, especially in the liquid markets.

Figure 2.

Figure 2. Similarly as the Kicking Up pattern, the Kicking Down occurs incredibly rarely.
To demonstrate the pattern we had to relax its definition. On the chart, the first line is an Opening White Marubozu (instead of a White Marubozu), and the second line is an Opening Black Marubozu (instead of a Black Marubozu).
The pattern also meets the definition of the Turn Down. A Black Candle confirms the Kicking Down occurrence.

Kicking Down statistics

Below you can find some Kicking Down pattern statistics calculated by CandleScanner software. To see more detailed statistics, for other markets and periodicity try our CandleScanner software. Prices start at only $10, and you can see more detailed statistics, for other markets and periodicity. Click here to find out more!

Pattern name: Kicking Down
Scanner settings: daily stocks
Group: S&P500
Number of symbols: 502
Date range: 7/1/1995 - 6/30/2015
Time interval: daily candles
Total number of candlesticks: 2,236,421
Number of occurrences (Kicking Down): 6
Number of occurrences (all candlestick patterns): 638,570
% of occurrences (Kicking Down): 0.00 %
Average frequency: 372,736.8

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