Short Black Candle

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Figure 1. Short Black Candle (basic candle).

Figure 1. Short Black Candle (basic candle).

Forecast: reversal or continuation of the trend
Trend prior to the pattern: n/a
Opposite candlestick: Short White Candle


  • black body
  • required lower and upper shadow
  • none of the shadows can be larger than the body
  • appears as a short line

This article describes the Short Black Candle basic candle.

The Short Black Candle, as it is a basic candle, can be a part of bullish and bearish patterns, both reversal and continuation.

As stressed in other articles, it is important to take the market context in which the Short Black Candle appears into account.

Figure 2.

Figure 2. Short Black Candle instances, being a part of reversal patterns or occurring alone. Please pay attention to the orange color evident on every Short Black Candle occurrence, due to exploiting the so-called CandleScanner color theme.

2 Responses

  1. Which rule apply about the body that the candle can be called "short" (From a Long Candle the candlestick body three times higher than the average body of the last 5 or 10 candles)
    • Jack Lempart
      Hi Armando! This is broadly described here: <a href="">Long and short lines</a>. By default CandleScanner adopts the following rule determining whether the candle is a long or a short line: it sets the current range of volatility as the exponential average distance between the highest and lowest prices of individual candles for the previous 25 candles. A candle which spans more than 70 percent of this volatility value is regarded as a long line. Candles below this threshold are regarded as short lines. Regards :)