Data Providers

CandleScanner provides free end-of-day data from Yahoo, where you can find almost any stock-exchange in the world.

If you need more, in this section you will find the list of data providers, both free and paid, for many different markets (forex, stocks, futures), which you can use with CandleScanner. If you have a favorite data provider please feel free to let us know about your experience.

For daily data, we recommend CandleQuote software, which gets free data from multiple data providers for free.

To import the data into CandleScanner please refer to the CandleScanner User Guide (chapter 3.2). CandleScanner supports ASCII text files (CSV) and binary MetaStock format.

  • Norgate Investor Services
    Recommended by CandleScanner
    Norgate Investor Services provides end-of-day data update services, and historical data, for selected exchanges and markets across Stocks, Futures and Forex. There is an easy-to-use Windows-based updating application for each of these security types.