Arranging docking windows

A tool tab strip container can include one or more tool windows. You can drag a tool window in the following ways:

  • Within a tool tab strip
  • From one tool tab strip to another existing tool tab strip
  • From one tool tab strip to a new tool tab strip
  • From a tool tab strip on a form to a floating tool tab strip
  • From a floating tool tab strip to a docked tool tab strip

To move a tool window, drag its title bar from the source location to the new target (or host) container. The docking assistant (for details see the subsection Docking windows assistant) allows you to place the tool window in a specific relationship to the other panels.

Besides to moving tool window in different tool tab strip containers, you can use the context menu or “pin” icon in the dock panel title bar to make window auto-hidden. This mode collapses the window against an edge of the CandleScanner. Another option is to move a tool window to a container with tabbed documents. Both of these options:

  • Save critical space on the end user screen
  • Allow more information to be presented at run time
  • Allow the end user to customize their work space

Another aspect is resizing of the panel. To resize a tool tab strip/document tab strip container, click the splitter bar between two adjacent docking containers and drag the splitter to the desired location. Containers will automatically resize themselves to fit the space available. You can find the splitter bar between docking containers, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1.

Figure 1. When the mouse hovers over the splitter bar the mouse icon changes into line with bidirectional arrow pointers.

To begin resizing move the mouse over the splitter area until the splitter mouse icon appears (the icon is a line with upward and downward pointing arrows). Then hold the left mouse button down and drag the splitter to a new location. To complete the resize, release the mouse button, dropping the splitter bar in its new location. The panels to either side of the splitter will be resized in relation to the new splitter position.

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