Data manipulation within tables

Many components in the CandleScanner application are displayed in tables which allow the user to manipulate the data easily. Key features of such data manipulation includes:

  • Sorting. Many CandleScanner tables support data sorting. When sorting is enabled, the user can click on the column headers to control the sorting order.
  • Filtering. Excel-Like filtering offers a way for filtering data in a table by the end user. It is built in a way to mimic the standard Excel filtering functionality and offers a dialog, which contains a list of distinct column values, from which the end user can choose.
  • Column reordering. Some tables in CandleScanner supports column reordering by the user at run-time. The user has just to drag the desired column's header at the desired position among the other headers and drop it there.

Once you become familiar how these features work in one place, you may found them in other places working in the same fashion.

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