Docking windows assistant

The so-called docking windows assistant is a feature in CandleScanner, which helps to pinpoint drag-drop destinations for windows being moved within the application.

This tool is made up of an outer zone and an inner zone of controls. The outer zone consists of four satellite grips, situated at the four points of a virtual compass over the docking container. It is used for positioning a window relative to the primary host container. The inner zone has a center compass with icons for positioning a window in the underlying docking container or in another docking container relative to the underlying one. All of these icons represent a drop target, i.e. the destination for the window you are moving.

To use the docking windows assistant, use the mouse to select the title bar of the source window. Drag the window over the host (destination) container. This action activates the docking windows assistant. Point to the inner or outer zone icon that represents the area you want the window to occupy. When the mouse button is released, the window is relocated. Other windows in the host container, as well as other docking containers within the application, are relocated to accommodate the change.

Figure 1.

Figure 1. Drop hint is a shaded blue rectangle in the top right side of the window. It shows where the window will be located after the drop. After the drop is made, CandleScanner automatically resizes windows' containers to fill the available space.

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