CandleScanner is a highly customizable application which can be configured to meet user's specific requirements. The application is composed of several windows which can be managed in many ways. CandleScanner implements a so called docking system which is employed in other professional specialized software such as Microsoft Visual Studio and used to develop software.

CandleScanner has the following features with regard to its windows management system:

  • Containers for windows contain dockable windows. Containers can fill the entire CandleScanner area or can be limited to any rectangular area chosen by the user.
  • Tabbed windows which can be switched between, resized, dragged to arrange in various configurations and closed.
  • Windows from the main CandleScanner window can be dragged outside their containers (so called floating windows), dragged to other containers or collapsed and transformed to tabbed documents (this is possible only for so called tool windows).
  • The user has complete control over sizing and layout behavior.
  • CandleScanner remembers the recent layout and restores it when starting the application.

CandleScanner provides the option to reset windows layout to its default settings. This may be helpful especially for less experienced users, who after several changes within CandleScanner windows layout, may want to go back to the original settings.
To set CandleScanner default windows layout click VIEW » Windows Layout » Default Layout button on the ribbon bar. Please note that your current settings of the windows layout will be lost.

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