List of identified patterns

Scanning for candlestick patterns in CandleScanner is automatic. This means that once you load data into CandleScanner and display the symbol on the price chart, you immediately see the found patterns for the specific symbol. The list of patterns is updated when you switch the time interval in which you are displaying the price chart.

To open a price chart for a specific symbol either right-click on it and select Open in new window » Price Chart or click on the button Price Chart from the HOME » New Window menu.

When the symbol is displayed in the price chart for the first time for a specific time interval, the load time is longer because CandleScanner is scanning patterns on the fly. The subsequent load time of the chart for this symbol will be faster as the scanning results are already saved.

The resulting list of identified patterns is shown to the right of the chart. You can filter these by any column. For convenience, patterns are displayed on the list in different colors for bullish and bearish patterns (green and red by default). When any item is clicked on the list, the particular pattern is indicated on the chart with the name and an arrow. Location of the pattern label on the chart can be changed using mouse – simply click on the label and drag and drop it to the desired location. A Name can be either a number, using the value from the # column where all patterns are listed, or the full name of the pattern. You can switch between them using buttons Number and Name from the VIEW » Pattern Label menu.

Figure 1. List of identified patterns.

Figure 1. List of identified patterns.

Selection of more than one item from the pattern list is possible by holding the CTRL key down and selecting each pattern by left clicking the mouse. CandleScanner then indicates on the chart all of the selected pattern occurrences. Please note however that it can happen that not all occurrences can be visible on the chart if the period between first and last pattern is too long so that they cannot be seen on the screen without scrolling it.

When you click on an item from the list of found patterns and this particular pattern occurred in a period which is not currently visible on the chart, it will be automatically scrolled to enabling you see it unless VIEW » Synchronization » Chart With List option is not switched off.

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