Recent patterns

The Recent Patterns document is designed for a regular scan of the symbols group to find latest patterns. For example, let assume that we are using daily charts, and the quotes data is also updated daily (please see the chapter about importing data into CandleScanner for more details). Once the data is updated the easiest way to see if any new patterns were formed is to use the Recent Patterns document.

Note that when you are performing a scan for the same Group, Interval, and Scanner Settings, it will be executed incrementally if some previous search results already exist. In other words, the application will only scan the quotes that were not yet scanned, which may significantly speed up the scanning operation.

Using the right scanner settings profile (Scanner Settings field in the New scan tab) may have a great impact on the search results. Performing the same scan, using a different scanner settings profile will most likely produce different search results.

Figure 1. Recent Patterns functionality.

Figure 1. Recent Patterns functionality.

To open a Recent Pattern document use the HOME » New Window » Recent Patterns button on the ribbon. A popup window will appear from which the user may perform two operations:

  • Perform a new scan (New scan tab)
  • Open an existing scan (Last scan tab)
Performing a new scan

You need to select a group of symbols which you would like to scan (Groups field).

Then you need to specify a time interval of candlesticks you want to use for the scanning process (Interval field). For example when you have a group of Forex symbols saved in 5-minutes base intervals, you can perform a few scans on this group for different candlesticks periodicity, e.g. 5-minutes bars or hourly bars.

In CandleScanner, you may have several scanner settings (Scanner Settings field). For example, you may have different scanner settings profile for 5-minutes forex bars and different for a daily S&P500 bars. Therefore, you need to specify the scanner settings to be used to perform the particular scan.

Finally, you need to define for how many most recent candlestick bars you want to see search results (Scan Period field).

Opening an existing scan

Depending on the number of the symbols within a symbols group, the scanning process may be quick or time-consuming. If you do not have a newer market data, but would like just to see patterns which were already found, you can open previous scan results.

Viewing the Recent Patterns search results

Once the scanning process is finished, or you are opening an existing search result, a table is produced where all found patterns are contained. You may easily filter and sort them using the table column headers.

Double-click on any row to open a new chart document to see a particular pattern occurrence.

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