Scanner settings

CandleScanner allows for the definition of more than one scanning profile. Only one profile can be used at a time, but the user can easily switch between profiles if needed. This can be helpful on certain occasions such as:

  • Different settings for different markets (e.g. stocks, currencies, commodities)
  • Different settings for different time intervals (e.g. 5-minute, hourly, daily)
  • Different personal preferences (e.g. a different setting for calculating the trend)

Scanner settings are available at HOME » Scanner » Scanner Settings. All details are well described within the help panels on the settings window. You can create more than one settings profile and easily switch between them depending on your specific needs.

Although scanner settings can be very powerful in terms of flexibility, please note that they should be reserved for advanced users who understand what they are doing. For less experienced users default settings should be enough.

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