Settings tab

In this screen, you can initialize a backtest. Following details need to be specified:

Test profile in the Current Settings field. To add/modify/delete profiles use the BACKTEST » Settings » Backtester Settings button on the ribbon. Test profile used during backtest has a great impact on the results.

  • Test period. You can either specify that a backtester should use All Available Quotes or a specific From/To dates.
  • Position. In CandleScanner, you can run backtest for one pattern at a time. Bullish patterns are opening long positions, whereas bearish counterparts are opening short positions.
  • Symbols to be tested. Although you cannot perform tests where several patterns are used at a time, you may run one test for multiple symbols at one time. Click the Group list to select symbols group you want to test. Symbols contained in the group will be displayed in the Available symbols list automatically. At least one symbol has to be selected for testing (use <, <<, >>, > buttons to move symbols between Available symbols and Selected symbols).
  • Periodicity. Depending on the selected symbols group, you may specify the candlestick periodicity to be used during test. Every test may be performed at only one Interval at a time.

When all above details are set accordingly to your needs, press Execute button to perform the test. Test results are presented in the subsequent tabs, that is General Results and Detailed Results.

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