Supported data formats

In order to import data into CandleScanner, it needs to be saved in one of the following formats:

  • ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) text format. Data files are plain text files which can be opened in any text editor (e.g. Windows Notepad). Every single line in such file contains as a minimum: date and four prices (open, high, low, close), which is enough to plot a candlestick on the chart. Some files can also contain more data like: time (for intraday quotes), volume or open interest (futures). CandleScanner can read ASCII file with market quotes in a form so-called comma-separated values (CSV) file which has a separator character between fields. Before importing such data into CandleScanner, we need to provide information explaining how to interpret the file format (e.g. what is the separator character or the meaning of the fields).
  • MetaStock data format. This format is widely used to store market quotes. The advantage of this format over the ASCII format is the ease of import because the user does not have to provide information how to interpret the file. The drawback, however, can be that it cannot be opened and read in the text editor because this is a binary format (i.e. understandable only by the computer).
  • CandleScanner format. You obtain this data format if you use the CandleQuote application. Technically, this format is saved as an ASCII file, but in a way which enables simple import into the CandleScanner application.
  • CRB PRO format. This is a binary file format created by the Commodity Research Bureau (CRB). For more please check the following link:
Figure 1. Buttons for importing data into CandleScanner.

Figure 1. Buttons for importing data into CandleScanner.

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