Using chart styles

There are many characteristics of the chart area in CandleScanner which can be customized to meet your specific requirements. For example, you can change features such as:

  • size and color for all chart types, i.e. candlesticks, bar, and line
  • font size and color
  • background color
  • background details (interlaced or not, axes size, line type, and color)
Figure 1. Style edition.

Figure 1. Style edition.

CandleScanner allows managing chart styles which can be saved as themes. Users can create new and modify existing themes. There are also built-in themes, which can be used as templates for the new themes created by the user. Built-in themes cannot be modified (i.e. when you modify anything within a built-in template you can only save it as a new theme). All built-in themes can be distinguished from user created themes as they have in their name (built-in) at the end.

Users can easily change the current theme by clicking on the VIEW » Style » Style Edition button. When the theme is selected the change is immediately visible in the background, so the user does not have to go back and forth to see how the new theme looks in the application.

When the user is editing the theme, most of the changes will be immediately visible in the background. Thanks to this the user does not have to save and close the edit window to see the changes.

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