Automatic quotes updateImporting data from MetaTraderUsing the CandleQuote application as a data sourceImporting CRB PRO data quotes

Automatic quotes update

The Automatic quotes update simplifies updating of already imported data with new quotes. When you select this option, you can update this folder with newer data and CandleScanner automatically update, without the necessity of having to go through the steps in the manual import routine.

For example, you may have daily updates of price data from...

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Importing data from MetaTrader

MetaTrader allows to export data to external ASCII files which can be read by CandleScanner.

To export data from MetaTrader perform following steps:

  1. From the menu in MetaTrader select Tools » Historical Center.
  2. From the left panel select interesting symbol and time interval. Double-click on the interesting element and data will be loaded in the right panel.
  3. Click on...
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Using the CandleQuote application as a data source

CandleQuote™ is an application which can be combined with CandleScanner to get free data quotes using YAHOO! Finance service. You can buy it here.

First you use CandleQuote application to download data quotes which are interesting for you. Then you export data quotes to a text file (ASCII file in CSV format). This data...

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Importing CRB PRO data quotes

To import data into CandleScanner from CRB PRO files click the Import » CBR PRO button from the DATA menu on the ribbon bar. This opens the PRO Data Import Wizard which guides you through the whole process. There are 4 steps within this wizard. If you need, you can use the < Back button...

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