With the application you can do the following:

  • Quickly scan candlestick charts to find all occurrences of candle patterns
  • Measure the efficiency of patterns, i.e. are they working as you expect them to?
  • Build trading strategies based on candle patterns and simulate transactions (backtesting)

Price 119 USD 299 USD 419 USD
License type lifetime lifetime lifetime
Free, built-in end-of-data from Yahoo
End-of-day (EOD) charting & automatic patterns scanning
Intraday (n minutes, n hours) charting & automatic patterns scanning
Algorithms detecting 106 candle patterns
Symbol statistics
Symbols Group statistics
Technical Analysis indicators
Backtesting module
Custom patterns wizard available soon available soon

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CandleQuote™ is an application which can be combined with CandleScanner to get free data quotes (market data) using YAHOO! Finance service.

119 USD - lifetime license

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