CandleScanner Release Notes

  • Adding connection to free end-of-day data from Yahoo! Fianance

  • Fixing issue with very slow loading of Norgate data
  • Introduction of simple mode
  • Fixing issue with opening scanner settings 05/03/2019

  • support of high-quality Norgate data (highly recommended for serious traders operating on US and Australian market)
  • modifications in the backtester module to support more trading conditions 03/11/2018

  • Corrected translations
  • Trial version is allowing now to load a user's market data 09/03/2017
Mainly bug fixes and small UI improvements. 06/12/2016
Mainly bug fixes and small UI improvements. 19/06/2016
Mainly bug fixes and small UI improvements.
4.3.1 07/01/2016
Mainly bug fixes and small UI improvements.
4.3.0 09/11/2015

  • introducing a primary trend notion
  • extending efficiency statistics (primary trend, report)
  • new market data panel on top of the candlestick chart panel
  • introducing video available at first start
  • introducing contex-sensitive online help
  • overall stabilization and bug fixing
4.2.0 07/10/2015

  • new, much more realistic and configurable, candlestick patterns efficiency statistics module
  • introducing the grid view component that is used now in many screens, giving the users possibility of data sorting, filtering and grouping
  • introducing new technical analysis indicators
  • introducing new candlestick patterns (Bullish Strong Line, Bearish Strong Line)
  • renaming CandleScanner editions (Intraday is replaced by Professional, End-of-Day is replaced by Standard)
  • search field added to symbols list
  • Patterns Dictionary is linked to online help providing in-depth candlestick patterns descriptions
  • introducing entirely new CandleScanner Basic edition
  • introducing CandleScanner subscription plans starting at 10 USD per month as an alternative to one-time purchase
4.1.0 01/23/2015

  • Official relase of version 4
4.0.4 (beta) 01/04/2015

  • Fourth beta available
  • Overall stabilization and bug fixing
  • Configurable context menu for the price and indicator charts
  • Introduction of collapsible ribbon bar enhancing the size of the work area
  • Variety of backtesting enhancements
4.0.3 (beta) 12/21/2014

  • Third beta available
  • Introduction of several technical analysis indicators
  • Reworked backtesting
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
4.0.2 (beta) 12/07/2014

  • Second beta available
  • Introduction of several technical analysis indicators
  • Management of technical analysis indicators on the charts (panels)
  • Minor bug fixes
4.0.1 (beta) 11/23/2014

  • First beta available of completely rewritten from scratch CandleScanner
3.0.0 20/01/2014

  • Removed YAHOO! Finance module downloading market quotes (now this functionality is available through CandleQuote)
  • Added new efficiency tests measuring symbols group
  • Added new trailing stop based on ATR
2.0.0 17/05/2013

  • Second version of CandleScanner with many improvements
1.0.0 17/04/2012

  • The very first implementation of CandleScanner available publicly after two years of development