The problem with doji candles (Part 1)

Doji is one of the most important basic candles acting as a building block of many patterns – both single and multiple lines. According to the classic definition, a doji candle is the candle where the closing price is equal to the opening price. Let's look at some of the definitions...

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Black Candle

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Forecast: reversal or continuation of a trend
Trend prior to the pattern: n/a
Opposite candlestick: White Candle


  • black body
  • upper and lower shadows required
  • none of the shadows can be longer than the body
  • appears on as...
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Blending candlesticks

In this short article we would like to introduce the notion of blending candlesticks, which will subsequently be followed-up by further detailed articles.

We can ‘blend’ different adjacent candlesticks to form a single candlestick, thus summarising the outcome over several periods in one candle. We can blend candles of similar frequency over any time scales for...

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Candlestick charts: CandleScanner color theme

Almost all of the western literature devoted to candlesticks has simplified the analysis by limiting the candle colors to dark (black) and light (white) body. According to Seiki Shimizu, the colors of candles were originally much more complex, which he demonstrated in the example...
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