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How to measure the efficiency of a candlestick pattern?

It’s not enough just to know that a pattern has occurred on the candlestick chart, but also how “well” or “badly” it had performed in the past. In other words, how effective is the signal being generated? And here, even before going into a heavy duty backtesting analysis, we can check some simple statistics first.…
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Backtesting Part 2

In this blog article we look we look at how easy it is to set-up the conditions in CandleScanner in order to perform a backtest. First we need to customize the settings for the backtest, defining the entry and exit conditions. For the sake of illustration we assume the default entry and exit settings (found…
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Backtesting Part 1

Introduction In this article we introduce the notion of backtesting and its implementation in CandleScanner, which will be discussed over several articles. There is an extensive, and technical, literature on backtesting, including pitfalls, and here we can only scratch the surface. Backtesting can concisely be described as ‘…the process of applying a trading strategy or…
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