Patterns supported by CandleScanner

This section is devoted to providing descriptions and information on candlestick patterns, together with comment on their effectiveness. This will evolve over time as candlestick profiles will be continually added. Some of the description will initially draw on the book and material originally authored by JM Lempart and G Zalewski, published by Linia in 2013.

CandleScanner recognizes in total 104 patterns: 20 basic candles and 84 candlestick patterns. The following list of authors, and their books, had the biggest influence on how the CandleScanner scanning algorithms were implemented:

The team responsible for developing CandleScanner has spent a considerable amount of time (spanning several years) on the analysis, on comparisons and on tests between what different authors had to say on the subject of candlesticks and candlestick patterns. It so happens, that even between well-known authors, and their publications, there are differences, and even contradictions, on how to apply and interpret candlestick patterns. CandleScanner attempts to remain true to the spirit of the original Japanese formulation(s). Notwithstanding, rather than take and implement a rigid approach, the software also provides the opportunity for users to control various parameters.

Bearish Separating Lines Downside Tasuki Gap In Neck
Bearish Side-by-Side White Lines Falling Three Methods On Neck
Bearish Three-Line Strike Falling Window Thrusting
Downside Gap Three Methods Gapping Down Doji Two Black Gapping Candles
Advance Block Collapsing Doji Star Matching High
Bearish Abandoned Baby Dark Cloud Cover Northern Doji
Bearish Belt Hold Deliberation One-Candle Shooting Star
Bearish Breakaway Descending Hawk Three Black Crows
Bearish Doji Star Evening Doji Star Three Inside Down
Bearish Engulfing Evening Star Three Outside Down
Bearish Harami Hanging Man Turn Down
Bearish Harami Cross Identical Three Crows Tweezers Top
Bearish Meeting Lines Kicking Down/Bearish Kicking Two Crows
Bearish Tasuki Line Ladder Top Two-Candle Shooting Star
Bearish Tri Star Last Engulfing Top Upside Gap Two Crows
Bullish Separating Lines Gapping Up Doji Rising Window
Bullish Side-by-Side White Lines Mat Hold Upside Gap Three Methods
Bullish Three-Line Strike Rising Three Methods Upside Tasuki Gap
Bullish Abandoned Baby Concealing Baby Swallow Piercing
Bullish Belt Hold Hammer Southern Doji
Bullish Breakaway Homing Pigeon Takuri Line
Bullish Doji Star Inverted Hammer Three Inside Up
Bullish Engulfing Kicking Up/Bullish Kicking Three Outside Up
Bullish Harami Ladder Bottom Three Stars in the South
Bullish Harami Cross Last Engulfing Bottom Three White Soldiers
Bullish Meeting Lines Matching Low Turn Up
Bullish Tasuki Line Morning Doji Star Tweezers Bottom
Bullish Tri Star Morning Star Unique Three-River Bottom
A Harami Cross, Bearish Spinning Top, Black
Abandoned Baby, Bearish Harami Cross, Bullish Spinning Top, White
Abandoned Baby, Bullish Harami, Bearish
Advance Block Harami, Bullish T
High Wave Takuri Line
B Homing Pigeon Tasuki Line, Bearish
Belt Hold, Bearish Tasuki Line, Bulish
Belt Hold, Bullish I-K Three Black Crows
Breakaway, Bearish Identical Three Crows Three Inside Down
Breakaway, Bullish In Neck Three Inside Up
Kicking Down/Bearish Kicking Three Outside Down
C Kicking Up/Bullish Kicking Three Outside Up
Candle, Black Three Stars in the South
Candle, Short Black L Three White Soldiers
Candle, Short White Ladder Bottom Three-Line Strike, Bearish
Candle, White Ladder Top Three-Line Strike, Bullish
Concealing Baby Swallow Last Engulfing Bottom Thrusting
Last Engulfing Top Tri Star, Bearish
D Long Black Candle Tri Star, Bullish
Dark Cloud Cover Long White Candle Turn Down
Deliberation Turn Up
Descending Hawk M Tweezers Bottom
Doji Marubozu, Black Tweezers Top
Doji Star, Bearish Marubozu, Closing Black Two Black Gapping Candles
Doji Star, Bullish Marubozu, Closing White Two Crows
Doji Star, Collapsing Marubozu, Opening Black
Doji, Dragonfly Marubozu, Opening White U
Doji, Four-Price Marubozu, White Unique Three-River Bottom
Doji, Gapping Down Mat Hold Upside Gap Three Methods
Doji, Gapping Up Matching High Upside Gap Two Crows
Doji, Gravestone Matching Low Upside Tasuki Gap
Doji, Long Legged Meeting Lines, Bearish
Doji, Northern Meeting Lines, Bullish W
Doji, Southern Morning Doji Star Window, Falling
Downside Gap Three Methods Morning Star Window, Rising
Downside Tasuki Gap
E-F On Neck
Engulfing, Bearish Piercing
Engulfing, Bullish Rising Three Methods
Evening Doji Star
Evening Star S
Falling Three Methods Separating Lines, Bearish
Separating Lines, Bullish
H Shooting Star, One-Candle
Hammer Shooting Star, Two-Candle
Hammer, Inverted Side by Side White Lines, Bearish
Hanging Man Side by Side White Lines, Bullish

In CandleScanner you can also use Patterns Dictionary panel available in the ribbon bar HOME » New Window menu as a quick reference.

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